Once Upon A Time, Long Before Mobiles Were Around, There Was This Story

Use this story if you like. You might like it. Use it alongside your favorite online mobile game all about the silly, incredulous, famous, superficial, legendary, call it what you will, world of Hollywood.

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You can utilize links like http://www.alcornocales.org to lend a degree of authenticity to your fame. This may seem a tad too crazy to the purist or consummate movie buff, but those who choose to remain pretentiously aloof to what is really going on around them in twenty first century reality will surely end up losing the Hollywood Story game. As they say; as you snooze, so will you lose.

Winning is everything, and so it has become in Hollywood. Since the earliest days, you would have to go back past the previous century because that is how long ago the movie era began, all those who initially masqueraded as actors alongside of the big moguls were already jockeying for key positions to get their project to the front row of the endearing audience. Although it must be said that during those halcyon days, the audience, those who were brave enough to queue up and take their seats for a tickey were somewhat bewildered.

They never saw anything like it before. Every time something innovative breaks new ground in its originality; we are always blown away. We are also awestruck by the stars that helped to make it possible. Many of today’s great films and actors have gone back to the archives and utilized or borrowed from what was originally put together and gone on to make it better. And they’re still doing it. They are going even further back in time to be inspired by the performances of the great stars of yesteryear. They have become part of stories that have stood the test of time all while walking down the Hollywood walk of fame.

Today they are all quite brilliant and they’re pretty gorgeous too. They’re winning awards and they’re living it up.