Industrial Mathematics

EU news selected from CORDIS: July 2009

Community Research and Development Information Services (CORDIS) news feeds selected for the Industrial Mathematics KTN.

Students create portable device to detect suicide bombers

Quantum encrypted information sent over an eight node, mesh network

GridCOMP project results: Composing distributed code and services for scale and speed

Balancing wind power fluctuations

Conference on parallel computing, Lyon, France, 1 September 2009

Mathematicians take aim at 'phantom' traffic jams: New model could help design better roads

Using math to take the lag out of jet lag

Algorithm charts evolution of genetic networks during fruit fly life cycle

DNA sudoku: Logic of 'sudoku' math puzzle used to vastly enhance genome-sequencing capability

Best possible cut from gemstones with new machine

Artificial noise saves energy

Beyond features: Similarity-based pattern analysis and recognition

Can mathematicians spot the winning team better than sports commentators?

Mathematical problem solved after more than 50 years: Chern numbers of algebraic varieties

Better and faster search engines

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  2008/09/08 Major expansion for the Industrial Mathematics Internships programme 2008
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  2008/08/14 MoD pilot reformed SBRI programme
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  2008/07/24 The OECD Global Science Forum report on Mathematics in Industry
  2008/06/30 From football to flocks to fighting: mathematicians model it all
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  2008/05/19 KAUST Global Research Partnership awards grant to OCCAM
  2008/05/08 May 2008 News Bulletin
  2008/05/06 ECMI2008 comes to London
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  2007/12/20 TSB funding competition, Autumn 2007
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  2007/10/07 Sainsbury review: The Race to the Top
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  2007/10/01 Industrial Mathematics Internships: a successful launch
  2007/09/27 Innovate '07 - From mind to market
  2007/09/04 September 2007 News Bulletin
  2007/08/29 KTN Technology Translator wins Institute of Physics Prize
  2007/07/31 KTN Finance Workshop: Fast Financial Algorithms and Computing
  2007/07/30 The new structure of the Technology Strategy Board
  2007/07/30 Science and Innovation Investment Framework annual report
  2007/06/19 European Institute of Technology: General approach agreed
  2007/06/19 Energy White Paper: Meeting the Challenge
  2007/05/04 OECD meeting on industrial mathematics
  2007/04/24 Interim Annual Report, April 2007
  2007/04/18 DIMAP Launch, Warwick, 26 March 2007
  2007/04/18 European Commission: Framework 7 Programme 2007-2013
  2007/03/19 John Ockendon to give IMA summer lecture
  2007/03/18 The KTN Annual Report 2006 has now been published
  2007/03/16 Input to EPSRC knowledge transfer strategy
  2007/01/30 Math-in-industry case studies
  2006/11/02 Annual Report 2006
  2006/10/05 Eleven new Industrial CASE projects
  2006/08/20 The MITACS Internship programme
  2006/04/26 Launch of the medium term Technology Strategy
  2005/11/28 UK Study Groups awarded highest ratings by EPSRC
  2005/10/27 NETIAM: opportunities for mathematics in multidisciplinary research
  2004/01/01 Giving industry the edge
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