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EU news selected from CORDIS: January 2010

Community Research and Development Information Services (CORDIS) news feeds selected for the Industrial Mathematics KTN.

Public service review: Science and Technology

How do you improve mammogram accuracy? Add noise

Predicting insurgent attacks with a mathematical model

Bacteria provide new insights into human decision making

Old math reveals new thinking in children's cognitive development

'Fighting' IED attacks with SCARE technology

New algorithms for computerized, large-scale surveillance

Computer program uses interactive genetic algorithm to help witnesses remember criminals

New computer cluster gets its grunt from games

Software knowledge unnecessarily lost

Nature-inspired management of modern dynamic networks

Technology Marketplace

other news:
  2010/05/13 May 2010 News Bulletin
  2010/03/23 March 2010 News Bulletin
  2010/03/08 International Study Group Dates 2010
  2010/03/08 EU news selected from CORDIS: March 2010
  2010/01/13 January 2010 News Bulletin
  2009/12/15 Mathematics in Industry Information Service website
  2009/12/15 Forward Look on Mathematics and Industry: Update
  2009/11/11 November 2009 News Bulletin
  2009/11/10 EU news selected from CORDIS: November 2009
  2009/11/10 The KTN Annual Report 2008-09 has now been published
  2009/10/19 IMA-LMS David Crighton Award 2009
  2009/09/30 October 2009 News Bulletin
  2009/09/29 Forward Look on Mathematics and Industry
  2009/09/29 Centre for Defence Enterprise: August 2009 industry newsletter
  2009/09/22 EU news selected from CORDIS: October 2009
  2009/09/22 Royal Society innovation grants
  2009/07/28 August 2009 News Bulletin
  2009/07/27 Hidden wealth: Royal Society report on service sector innovation
  2009/07/27 ERCIM News: Mathematics for finance and economy
  2009/07/24 EU news selected from CORDIS: July 2009
  2009/07/06 July SBRI competitions: Prosthetics, Automatic Imagery Extraction and Managing Motorways
  2009/06/10 June 2009 News Bulletin
  2009/06/02 EU news selected from CORDIS: June 2009
  2009/06/02 Three new SBRI competitions
  2009/05/20 Launch of the LANCS Initiative in operational research
  2009/04/21 April 2009 News Bulletin
  2009/04/15 Research Council Knowledge Transfer Activities
  2009/04/15 EU news selected from CORDIS: April 2009
  2009/04/15 New SBRI Competitions
  2009/03/06 March 2009 News Bulletin
  2009/03/06 Current Technology Strategy Board Opportunities
  2009/03/05 EU news selected from CORDIS: March 2009
  2009/03/05 New addition to the team of Technology Translators at the Industrial Mathematics KTN
  2009/01/23 January 2009 News Bulletin
  2009/01/22 EU news selected from CORDIS: January 2009
  2009/01/22 Industrial Mathematics Internships - Special focus on GPU Computing
  2008/12/12 December 2008 News Bulletin
  2008/12/11 EU news selected from CORDIS: December 2008
  2008/10/24 November 2008 News Bulletin
  2008/10/21 EU news selected from CORDIS: October 2008
  2008/10/20 DARPA Mathematical Challenges
  2008/09/12 September 2008 News Bulletin
  2008/09/11 EPSRC-DSTL Call in Signal Processing: 30 technical challenges
  2008/09/08 Major expansion for the Industrial Mathematics Internships programme 2008
  2008/09/03 EU news selected from CORDIS: September 2008
  2008/08/14 MoD pilot reformed SBRI programme
  2008/08/01 August 2008 News Bulletin
  2008/07/24 The OECD Global Science Forum report on Mathematics in Industry
  2008/06/30 From football to flocks to fighting: mathematicians model it all
  2008/06/20 June 2008 News Bulletin
  2008/05/19 KAUST Global Research Partnership awards grant to OCCAM
  2008/05/08 May 2008 News Bulletin
  2008/05/06 ECMI2008 comes to London
  2008/03/28 April 2008 News Bulletin
  2008/02/18 New addition to the team of Technology Translators at the KTN
  2008/02/15 February 2008 News Bulletin
  2008/02/01 Mathematics Today Special Issue: Industrial Applied Mathematics
  2008/01/04 January 2008 News Bulletin
  2007/12/20 TSB funding competition, Autumn 2007
  2007/11/14 November 2007 News Bulletin
  2007/10/07 Sainsbury review: The Race to the Top
  2007/10/03 October 2007 News Bulletin
  2007/10/01 Industrial Mathematics Internships: a successful launch
  2007/09/27 Innovate '07 - From mind to market
  2007/09/04 September 2007 News Bulletin
  2007/08/29 KTN Technology Translator wins Institute of Physics Prize
  2007/07/31 KTN Finance Workshop: Fast Financial Algorithms and Computing
  2007/07/30 The new structure of the Technology Strategy Board
  2007/07/30 Science and Innovation Investment Framework annual report
  2007/06/19 European Institute of Technology: General approach agreed
  2007/06/19 Energy White Paper: Meeting the Challenge
  2007/05/04 OECD meeting on industrial mathematics
  2007/04/24 Interim Annual Report, April 2007
  2007/04/18 DIMAP Launch, Warwick, 26 March 2007
  2007/04/18 European Commission: Framework 7 Programme 2007-2013
  2007/03/19 John Ockendon to give IMA summer lecture
  2007/03/18 The KTN Annual Report 2006 has now been published
  2007/03/16 Input to EPSRC knowledge transfer strategy
  2007/01/30 Math-in-industry case studies
  2006/11/02 Annual Report 2006
  2006/10/05 Eleven new Industrial CASE projects
  2006/08/20 The MITACS Internship programme
  2006/04/26 Launch of the medium term Technology Strategy
  2005/11/28 UK Study Groups awarded highest ratings by EPSRC
  2005/10/27 NETIAM: opportunities for mathematics in multidisciplinary research
  2004/01/01 Giving industry the edge
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